Touchline: Play & Connect

Share those unforgettable moments, build your lifetime career profile, discover top players from across the community, win prizes and compete for glory in the ranked leaderboards.



Capture your moments

Get ready to assign your camera person and record every moment. Capture those unforgettable goals, those last minute tackles, those fingertip saves. Seize every opportunity to share with the community!


Share your best highlights

Share your best clips and help shape Touchline Tracker into a place where footballing brilliance comes to shine. Keep those memories stored and lasting for a lifetime!


Rise up the ranks

Build your following, begin to climb the leaderboards and compete against players throughout amateur football. Challenge your age group and region, before aiming for total platform domination in the all-time ranks!

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Take control of your experience

Select the location and the age range of players you want to see content from in your feeds

Grab your Tracker ID

Share your ID with friends and family, or grow your following by promoting it far and wide

More of a casual player?

Simply create your career memory vault and keep your highlights safe for years to come

Regional settings

Customise your feed and discover players from all across the grassroots community

Filter your ranks

Break down the leaderboard to check out where you rank among different regions and age groups

Monthly prizes

Your highlights could win you a range of rewards in our monthly competitions

Unique Tracker ID

Your Tracker ID ensures a level playing field for each player, and keeps sensitive information where it belongs.

Player verification

All our users are verified upon sign up, to create a safe environment for everyone.

Capture & recording prevention software

We’ve developed our platform to keep your uploads where they were intended.

Custom privacy settings

Take centre stage and share your profile with the world, or opt to go incognito.

Views not likes

Views are what matter. By uploading consistently, you'll increase visibility and attract more views.

Communication safeguarding

We keep it strictly football. Instant messaging? Not here, but we're sure you'll find something even better!
Under the age of 16? We’ve got you covered.

You can share your moments with confidence. Our platform is designed to keep your content safe, and ensure it stays exactly where it should, within our closed-loop platform. Leaving you in complete control of your highlights.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Download the app today and get started for free.

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