Guidance To Help You Be Vigilant and Supportive of Your Child(ren)’s Online Activities


With the increased amount of time spent online by everyone in modern society, it is likely that you have discovered and utilised apps that were previously unknown to you. While social networking platforms are proving to be valuable, it is crucial that we adhere to the principles of establishing appropriate boundaries in our online interactions. We kindly request that all parents/carers remain vigilant and supportive of their children’s online activities.

At Touchline Tracker, the safety and security of our users is a top priority. We ensure that all talent scouts and coaches using Touchline Tracker Scout undergo thorough background checks and vetting processes before being granted permissions to access the filter function and initiate communication with players. This ensures a safe and trusted environment for all users involved.

Should a minor begin interacting with new groups or individuals online, they can potentially become vulnerable to individuals seeking to groom young people. Recognising online grooming can be challenging for parents/carers, as groomers may explicitly warn children against discussing it. While some signs may be common among teenagers, it is important to remain vigilant for increased instances of the following:

  • A desire to spend excessive time on the internet
  • Being secretive about online interactions and visited websites or quickly switching screens when approached
  • Possessing electronic devices or phones that were not given to them
  • Using explicit or sexual language that is unexpected for their age
  • Exhibiting emotional volatility

Groomers often target young people by sending friend requests on popular sites and platforms, assessing who responds. They may initiate conversations to establish relationships with children and subsequently request private chats. It is essential to speak with your child about the individuals they interact with online and ensure they genuinely know and trust the people with whom they engage.

If you have any concerns relating to someone in football, please talk to your Club Welfare Officer, or report this directly to The FA via

If you need further specific help or advice, please go directly to the following sources of expert advice:

UK Safer Internet Centre

Internet Matters



Parent Info




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