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The following guidance is provided to assist clubs and leagues in effectively managing their safeguarding responsibilities. Its purpose is to ensure that children, young people, coaches, referees, and adults in positions of trust are not subjected to inappropriate online behaviour or unfounded allegations.​

‍It is important to remember that clubs and leagues bear the responsibility of ensuring that all content hosted on their websites, social network areas, and any associated message boards or blogs aligns with the Rules and Regulations set forth by The Football Association.

According to FA regulations, it is strictly prohibited to post comments that are perceived as:​
– Offensive, insulting or abusive
– Threatening
– Racist or discriminatory
– Any other reference that may cause offence or harm to other

Posting any comments of such nature on club or league websites and/or social networking sites, targeting match officials, players, or coaches, may result in disciplinary measures and procedures. It is crucial to note that comments made on websites that are threatening, abusive, or racist can lead to legal actions being taken against those responsible for posting or hosting such comments. If the comments are untrue or defamatory, they may attract libel claims and legal action through civil courts.

Children and young people should be advised by their coaches, parents/carers, and Club Welfare Officer to always inform a trusted adult about any communications that make them feel uncomfortable or if they are asked not to disclose the communication to their parent/carer.

The Do’s & Do Nots

Clubs and leagues are strongly advised to adhere to the following recommendations.​


  • Appoint an appropriate adult(s) to oversee and monitor the content of the website. These individuals should also attend The FA’s Safeguarding Children Workshop to fulfil this role effectively.
  • Ensure that everyone within your club/league is aware of who is responsible for monitoring the website and social networking areas, and how to contact them.
  • Implement the principles outlined in The FA’s Photography Guidance. See guidance notes 8.3: Photography & Filming Children
  • Include the CEOP “Report Abuse” app on your website ( and provide links to the age-appropriate advice for children and parents/carers available through You can find our own link to this at the bottom of this page.
  • Provide a link to safeguarding section:
  • Evaluate the potential benefits and risks associated with hosting message boards, forums, or blogs for your club/league. If you choose to use them, ensure they are password protected and only allow comments to be posted by individuals known and authorised by the club/league.
  • Always remember that the club/league bears responsibility for all content posted on its website, forums, blogs, tweets, or social networking areas.
  • Regularly monitor the content on these platforms and utilise The FA’s ‘Respect Codes of Conduct’ and ‘Relationships of Trust Statement’ as guidelines for acceptable online behaviour.
  • Ensure that privacy settings are properly configured to restrict access, ensuring that the page(s) are exclusively used for club or league matters and not as a platform for personal meetings, sharing personal details, or engaging in private conversations.
  • Obtain written permission from parents/carers before granting access to under-18s to view your club/league’s social media platforms.

Do not:

  • Display children or young people’s details in a manner that allows others to access or contact them. This includes refraining from disclosing the mobile phone numbers and email addresses of referees and coaches under the age of 18. Any details shared should only be done with written consent from parents/carers.
  • Publish pictures of individuals without obtaining explicit permission from parents/carers.
  • Share information that may lead to the identification of individuals, such as school/class/year, or personal details in player profiles, including favourite foods, movies, teams, etc.
  • Obtain written permission from parents/carers before granting access to under-18s to view your club/league’s social media platforms.
  • Post or host any content that could be considered hurtful, insulting, offensive, abusive, threatening, racist, discriminatory, or otherwise likely to cause offence or harm to others, or potentially incite such behaviour in others.


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