Our Safeguarding Promise.

At Touchline Tracker, we promise to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all individuals engaging with our platform. We dedicate ourselves to promoting an environment where users can connect, communicate, and share while feeling fully protected and respected.

We are resolute in our efforts to support online safety awareness, both within our platform and beyond. We provide accessible reporting mechanisms for users to promptly address concerns. Our team meticulously monitors user-generated content to maintain a positive community atmosphere. Reports are handled seriously, ensuring swift action against any violations or risks.

We actively collaborate with experts in online safety, child protection, mental health, and technology to continually enhance our safeguarding measures. We are committed to ongoing improvement of our strategies, consistently incorporating feedback and adapting to emerging challenges.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of harassment, bullying, exploitation, or harmful behaviour within our platform. Empowering users, we offer customizable privacy settings, user controls, and safety features to curate their online experiences according to their comfort level.


Our Mission Statement

“To empower football fans and amateur players through a positive social media experience. We provide a safe and enjoyable platform for players to share their highlights, and shine a light on the immense talent found within amateur football.”



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